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Investments in Toronto by Sergey Funin - The 10 commandments of investments

The 10 commandments of investments

I. Thou Shalt Plan And Then ActThe first commandment actually has two parts – planning and acting. The planning part involves setting financial goals and then creating a financial roadmap (budget) that will let you reach those goals over time.

II. Thou Shalt Save And Invest WiselyIt’s important to “pay yourself first” to make sure money is set aside for emergencies and unexpected expenses. Learning the value of compound interest helps you understand how savings can grow well beyond the amount you originally set aside.

III. Thou Shalt Not OverspendThis sounds simple enough – don’t spend more than you earn. The problem is most people have to borrow from time to time – buying a house is one good example.

IV. Thou Shalt Pay Bills On TimeOne of the fastest ways to ruin your credit score is to constantly pay bills late – or even worse, miss payments.

V. Thou Shalt Limit DebtThe best way to limit debt is not have any. Pay off credit card balances and only take out loans when you are unable to save the money up front.

VI. Thou Shalt Teach Thy Children About MoneyBesides just being part of good parenting, taking time to teach your children about the value of money and how to save, invest and spend wisely can pay off down the road.

VII. Thou Shalt Buy InsuranceInsurance of all kinds – health, auto, homeowner's and life – is a hedge against financial catastrophe. You cannot afford to gamble on a major financial loss that could bankrupt you and cause economic ruin.

VIII. Thou Shalt Plan For RetirementInvesting is only one part of planning for retirement. Other strategies include waiting as long as possible before signing up for Social Security (which is smart for most people) and making sure you get the full company 401(k) match available to you from your employer.

IX. Thou Shalt Have A WillTo protect the assets in your estate and ensure that your wishes are followed when you die, making a will or trust is important.

X. Thou Shalt DonateThis one is not just about the income-tax deduction you could receive – thereby benefiting you directly at tax time – it’s also about the goodwill you create and the charitable works you support in your community.
Court Daler
Court Daler
Investments in Toronto by Sergey Funin - How To Invest $200 000

How To Invest $200 000

Step 1

Determine if you'd benefit by paying off your outstanding bills prior to investing. If you have high interest rate credit cards or other accounts, pay these first. You'll pay taxes on the growth of your investment and that reduces your return.

Step 2

Open a money market account while you decide how to invest the funds. A money market account allows you to write larger checks, yet gives you a competitive interest rate while you decide.

Step 3

Keep some of your funds liquid. No matter how you invest the other funds, keep a few months of income liquid for emergencies. .

Step 4

Allocate your money to a wide variety of investments; this is referred to as asset allocation.

Step 5

Diversify your investments. Even if you have stocks, bonds and money market accounts, if your stocks are all in one industry such as technology, you face a huge potential for loss.

Step 6

Keep $500 to $1,000 to the side for your riskier investments or individual stocks if you want to walk on the wild side.

Step 7

Seek out the services of a financial adviser if you're uncomfortable investing on your own. Understand all the associated costs before you start investing, and interview several advisers until you find one that you feel comfortable with.

Sergey Funin
Sergey Funin

Best Investment Advice Ever.

‘Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Never forget Rule No. 1.’ Warren Buffett

Richard Russell, who has been publishing the Dow Theory Letters newsletter since 1958, says much the same thing, but with more teeth: "This may sound naive, but, believe me, it isn't: If you want to be wealthy, you must not lose BIG money. Absurd? Silly? Maybe, but MOST PEOPLE LOSE MONEY in disastrous investments, gambling, rotten business deals, greed, poor timing, in the stock market, in options and futures, in real estate, in bad loans, and in their own businesses."

"Don't invest in anything you don't understand." This is good, as far as it goes. Way too many people get into complex, expensive, risky investments, only to be stunned when things don't turn out for the best.The problem is how to know you fully understand any investment more complex than cash or a guaranteed bank deposit?"

Sergey Funin
Sergey Funin

How To Generate Leads On Social - Toronto, September 29, 2015

Have a great strategy for generating leads on social media? Tell us!

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5 Benefits of Social Selling

You might still be on the fence about social selling and whether it is right for your business. You keep hearing great things. You hear that your business will benefit from it, that it will set your business apart in the current digital era. Yet surprisingly, only 31% of sellers currently use social to sell, despite continuous studies proving that sales professionals active on social media outperform their competitors.

The fact is – Social selling is still a relatively new concept in the business world. That said, today’s inescapable reality of selling means being social. Technology has transformed the way we buy, therefore, the way we sell should adapt to the changes too. Outdated sales tactics need to be replaced. Things are moving too fast today and the reality will soon be that sales people who do not choose to utilize social selling techniques throughout the sales process will suffer in terms of lead generation and revenue growth, and will ultimately be left behind. To not sell socially in today’s competitive environment is like leaving money on the table and walking away.

So we get it, social selling benefits business, but what exactly are those benefits? If you have been still struggling to see its value, let me outline the 5 benefits of selling socially through online networks and make your decision a clear one.

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Tim Marskell
Tim Marskell

How to Generate and Close Social Leads On Twitter

If social media is not delivering the return on investment (ROI) you expect, the problem isn’t the social networks. Just as a blog won’t make money if it isn’t monetized, you can’t expect social media to generate income for you unless you are using it to drive leads and sales.

Following many people or tweeting great content can get you followers, but what you need is to turn those followers into leads. This can be done manually, but only if you are wise about whom you followed in the first place.

Don’t fall into the trap of just wanting tens of thousands of followers. While this is useful for influencers, even they focus on followers interested in their particular topic or niche. If you operate a local business, you want to follow people in your geo-targeted area.

For your business, you want to follow almost exclusively only the people who are interested in the products or services you offer. This is done by searching for people by their location, titles, what hashtags they use, what Twitter chats they participate in, and what they share.

But that is only the first step. To turn a follower into a customer or client requires building a relationship by interacting with them. Most small businesses fail to do this because they don’t want to invest that much time in social media not knowing for certain there will be a pay-off.

Read more: http://growmap.com/twitter-social-leads/

Tim Marskell
Tim Marskell