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ecommerce in Toronto by Sergey Funin - 5 most common e-commerce pitfalls that can really hurt your business

5 most common e-commerce pitfalls that can really hurt your business

There are at least five common mistakes made by those who run an e-commerce website. These are known to cause an e-commerce website to lose out on its full sales potential:

1. Bad Page Design

A major part of having an e-commerce website is providing customers with an attractive page design. It should be clean, enticing, and appropriate for the products it offers. Should a person’s website not be performing up to expectations, the owner may want to take a look at the design of the competition’s website. Many e-commerce websites succeed by using templates or imitating templates found on the internet. These are easy to install or create. The images utilized on the website are extremely important. Providing high-quality product images takes on special significance because an e-commerce website can’t provide potential customers an opportunity to physically touch products.

2. Site Lacks Responsiveness

An e-commerce website today will generate a high percentage of its sales from people using tablets and smartphones to do shopping. Many people are launching an e-commerce website for the first time and may not realize how important it is to configure their online business for shoppers using these types of devices. If this is not done, the shopper will have a negative experience and may not return.
Load times are also important. It is estimated that each second a page is delayed in loading leads to over 10 percent fewer page views.

The loading time of an e-commerce website needs to be regularly checked.
Social media channels can provide an opportunity for an online business owner to hear their customers concerns. These concerns need to be addressed immediately. Quick responses to issues can increase a customer base and build customer loyalty.

3. Product Information

When people visit an e-commerce website, they want to know quickly what is being sold. The home page should provide clear and easy to understand information about what it sells. The more time a person has to spend trying to figure this out, the greater the chance they will leave and not return. It is especially important for product descriptions. When a customer has an easy time understanding a product’s description, there is a greater chance they will purchase it.

It’s also important for an online business to clearly state their shipping and return policies as well as payment methods. Irrelevant product information must be avoided. Shoppers may not be interested in how a manufacturer funded the creation of their product.

4. Checkout Process Is Complicated

When a shopper visits an e-commerce website, they may have spent a significant amount of time choosing products. When it comes time for the checkout process, they’re excited and want it to go quickly. If they abandon the process after the first few steps, there is a problem.

This may not be a time to ask for too much personal information. Filling out forms or performing repetitive actions can discourage a happy customer. If the process is slow, it can also cause frustration. Credit card theft is a big concern for many online shoppers. If an e-commerce website is not a big name brand, consumers may be hesitant to use it. It’s important to provide as many payment options as possible such as PayPal.

5. Personalization

An e-commerce website can do many things right, but if it does not generate revenue the website will end up frustrating the online business owner. To be competitive, an e-commerce website needs to consistently provide personalized products that respond to the interest and needs of its customers. This will develop a strong brand awareness and create a positive impact on sales. A customer needs to know they’re appreciated. It’s important customers be thanked after making a purchase. This information will help with making good business decisions about operating their e-commerce website.

Source: http://3qdigital.com/featured/5-common-e-commerce-...
Joseph Icm
Joseph Icm

E-commerce and Fashion

Success in the Fashion Industry using eCommerce
Staying above your competition is the ultimate goal in any industry that you are in. Fashion will always be one of the top leading industries, so there is no surprise competition will endlessly continue to grow and increase the difficulty of competition. Nonetheless, there are several specific tactics we will discuss that will help you not only succeed but actually make the process of retaining loyal customers and acquiring new ones easy and enjoyable.

It will be necessary to compose an effective marketing strategy that not only addresses these points but that also allows you to grab more market share than your competitors. The following 11 tips will help you outshine your competitors and bring in more sales than ever.

1.Regularly Nurture your Customers

The Harvard Business Review states that acquiring a new customer is anywhere from 5 to 25 times more expensive than maintaining an existing one. That said, your customer retention strategy should find ways to leverage your existing customers to stay with you, through loyalty programs or discounts. When customers have the opportunity to get the products they are familiar with at a more favourable price, the likelihood of them lurking on your competitors’ website will decrease significantly.

2.Customer Support

Poor customer service is one of the biggest weaknesses a business can have. If returning items is difficult, customers won’t be as likely to come around next time they consider making a purchase. According to TrueShip’s findings, about 30% of all products ordered are returned, so making this process as easy as possible will help you have your existing customers coming back for more. Having someone around the clock to help with any customer inquiries will be very beneficial to customer loyalty and support.

3.Why Come Back?

You should be giving your customers a reason to come back for more, and maintaining a relationship with them so they don’t forget about you. Creating an email marketing campaign that informs your clients of weekly new promotions will enable you to stay top-of-mind, and by segmenting your promotions to the right customers, you will increase sales and create a higher ROI.

4.High Quality Images

Successful fashion eCommerce requires excellent photography in order to even be a part of the competition. Stock images will do you no good, so hiring a professional fashion photographer will be your best bet. A high quality selection of your inventory will help you embody a lifestyle and will create a better appeal for your brand and its story.

5.Avoid Plain Product Descriptions

Instead of following the mainstream product descriptions, be creative and artistic to create a story that will help your customers imagine the benefits of owning your product. An example would be to change, “The perfect pair of heels for prom,” to “Be the Cinderella of your prom, by wearing these unforgettable and exquisite heels.”

6.Don’t play Hide and Seek

Being easy to find by using search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial component of your fashion eCommerce strategy. If you’re hard to locate, how will you make any sales? Consult with an SEO specialist to make sure the copy on the page is optimized for every product, and so they can properly index your product pages.

7.Seek the Right Business Partnerships

The key to developing a successful fashion website is to create smart partnerships. Creating relationships with influencers or bloggers in your industry will be very valuable for your eCommerce site. You should reach out to well-known reviewers who will provide a quote to the quality of your product or posting a guest blog on an influenced blogger in the fashion industry.

8.Keep it Simple

Keeping your fashion eCommerce site clean and simple, will help browsing customers navigate easily, and encourage them to continue browsing. Your user interface should be faultless so the overall user experience should be as simple and enjoyable as possible. With the endless options on the web, an online customer can easily make the decision to switch to a competitor’s site because of difficulty in navigating, viewing products, reviewing checkout information is complicating, or anything along those lines.

9.Mobile Integration

As mentioned earlier, there has been a rapid increase in mobile consumers, so responsive web design should be integrated into your marketing strategy. However, you should first identify what percentage of your sales comes from mobile devices. There is an increasing trend in customers who shop on-the-go, so you should make sure your fashion eCommerce site is easy to read and is able to interact on any device.

10.Represent a Lifestyle

Individuals are no longer interested in low quality products, and if you haven’t noticed that successful brands, whether cheap or not, still exemplify a higher lifestyle. You should be able to differentiate yourself in the crowd, and focus on a specific niche to demonstrate your expertise in it.


You should always strive to retain your existing and potential customers. You don’t want to lose them to a competitor because they have a slightly lower price, so ensure your pricing is right. You can do this by performing thorough research on pricing and offering coupons or future promotion opportunities to motivate customers to engage in purchasing your products and come back for more.

Following these principles will be your best bet to outshine your competition, and attain the sales and results you are capable of. You should not hesitate to seek expertise from a fashion eCommerce expert.

Nicole Kat
Nicole Kat

eCommerce Content Marketing Trends 2016

Content marketing is considered to be one of the most important areas of eCommerce promotion, which will continue to grow in 2016. Video content is expected to be the hottest eCommerce marketing trend this year.
Larry Nineham
Larry Nineham

Investment Advisors Toronto - Toronto, October 29, 2015

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Investments in Toronto by Sergey Funin - The 10 commandments of investments

The 10 commandments of investments

I. Thou Shalt Plan And Then ActThe first commandment actually has two parts – planning and acting. The planning part involves setting financial goals and then creating a financial roadmap (budget) that will let you reach those goals over time.

II. Thou Shalt Save And Invest WiselyIt’s important to “pay yourself first” to make sure money is set aside for emergencies and unexpected expenses. Learning the value of compound interest helps you understand how savings can grow well beyond the amount you originally set aside.

III. Thou Shalt Not OverspendThis sounds simple enough – don’t spend more than you earn. The problem is most people have to borrow from time to time – buying a house is one good example.

IV. Thou Shalt Pay Bills On TimeOne of the fastest ways to ruin your credit score is to constantly pay bills late – or even worse, miss payments.

V. Thou Shalt Limit DebtThe best way to limit debt is not have any. Pay off credit card balances and only take out loans when you are unable to save the money up front.

VI. Thou Shalt Teach Thy Children About MoneyBesides just being part of good parenting, taking time to teach your children about the value of money and how to save, invest and spend wisely can pay off down the road.

VII. Thou Shalt Buy InsuranceInsurance of all kinds – health, auto, homeowner's and life – is a hedge against financial catastrophe. You cannot afford to gamble on a major financial loss that could bankrupt you and cause economic ruin.

VIII. Thou Shalt Plan For RetirementInvesting is only one part of planning for retirement. Other strategies include waiting as long as possible before signing up for Social Security (which is smart for most people) and making sure you get the full company 401(k) match available to you from your employer.

IX. Thou Shalt Have A WillTo protect the assets in your estate and ensure that your wishes are followed when you die, making a will or trust is important.

X. Thou Shalt DonateThis one is not just about the income-tax deduction you could receive – thereby benefiting you directly at tax time – it’s also about the goodwill you create and the charitable works you support in your community.
Court Daler
Court Daler

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Sergey Funin
Sergey Funin
Investments in Toronto by Sergey Funin - Tips For Investing A Lump Sum

Tips For Investing A Lump Sum

  • If the lump sum is 20 percent or less of your current savings as described in #1, then your asset allocation shouldn’t be affected. Simply invest according to your current investment policy.

  • If the lump sum is more than 20 percent of your current savings, then you should consider reviewing and revising your overall investment strategy. You can do this on your own by reading investment books, or you can get help from a low-cost investment advisor. Another idea is to visit www.Bogleheads.org and asking advice from this free online community of savvy individual investors.

    Receiving a lump sum doesn’t need to be daunting. The investment timing choices are fairly straightforward. The points above will help determine a satisfactory solution and provide you with the peace of mind you’re looking for.
  • Sergey Funin
    Sergey Funin

    How To Generate Leads On Social - Toronto, September 29, 2015

    Have a great strategy for generating leads on social media? Tell us!

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    5 Benefits of Social Selling

    You might still be on the fence about social selling and whether it is right for your business. You keep hearing great things. You hear that your business will benefit from it, that it will set your business apart in the current digital era. Yet surprisingly, only 31% of sellers currently use social to sell, despite continuous studies proving that sales professionals active on social media outperform their competitors.

    The fact is – Social selling is still a relatively new concept in the business world. That said, today’s inescapable reality of selling means being social. Technology has transformed the way we buy, therefore, the way we sell should adapt to the changes too. Outdated sales tactics need to be replaced. Things are moving too fast today and the reality will soon be that sales people who do not choose to utilize social selling techniques throughout the sales process will suffer in terms of lead generation and revenue growth, and will ultimately be left behind. To not sell socially in today’s competitive environment is like leaving money on the table and walking away.

    So we get it, social selling benefits business, but what exactly are those benefits? If you have been still struggling to see its value, let me outline the 5 benefits of selling socially through online networks and make your decision a clear one.

    Read more: http://blog.connectorsmarketplace.com/5-benefits-o...
    Tim Marskell
    Tim Marskell

    How to Generate and Close Social Leads On Twitter

    If social media is not delivering the return on investment (ROI) you expect, the problem isn’t the social networks. Just as a blog won’t make money if it isn’t monetized, you can’t expect social media to generate income for you unless you are using it to drive leads and sales.

    Following many people or tweeting great content can get you followers, but what you need is to turn those followers into leads. This can be done manually, but only if you are wise about whom you followed in the first place.

    Don’t fall into the trap of just wanting tens of thousands of followers. While this is useful for influencers, even they focus on followers interested in their particular topic or niche. If you operate a local business, you want to follow people in your geo-targeted area.

    For your business, you want to follow almost exclusively only the people who are interested in the products or services you offer. This is done by searching for people by their location, titles, what hashtags they use, what Twitter chats they participate in, and what they share.

    But that is only the first step. To turn a follower into a customer or client requires building a relationship by interacting with them. Most small businesses fail to do this because they don’t want to invest that much time in social media not knowing for certain there will be a pay-off.

    Read more: http://growmap.com/twitter-social-leads/

    Tim Marskell
    Tim Marskell
    Marketing in Toronto by Sergey Funin - More Social Expectations

    More Social Expectations

    A previous post called out the importance of understanding social media - the abilities, the restrictions - prior to setting goals and creating a strategy to back it up. Some advertisers may choose to 're-tool' their social media marketing (perhaps more towards branding, digital word of mouth, thought leadership) but some advertisers will surely stick with lead generation.

    This article from Business2Community provides a clear and concise info-graphic on how to structure and enact a successful strategy.


    Ryan Judd
    Ryan Judd